Postbahnhof future of events

New event offers with on-site
and online building blocks.


Regardless of the current situation, the lockdown has shown us that we need to rethink the way we interact and communicate. We see this time as an opportunity to innovate and raise the bar not only for the now, but for the future.

We’re getting more comfortable with online interactions, to the point that they have become the new normal. The lines between the online and offline world are now blurred and will evolve to integrate the best of both worlds.


In person and virtual events are no longer separate things.

Being remote does not mean to be excluded, we can still make it fun, we can still make it interactive.

People are currently open minded to new ways of communication so now it´s the time to push our boundaries and explore new ways of communication.

Knowing that getting a lot of people together will be very complex this year, we have come up with new formulas to adapt your events to fit the current permissions.

We have worked with our partners to introduce new event offers that include both on-site and online building blocks. These can can be adapted based on your requirements, and are flexible and scalable if the planning situation changes.

online events

This remote offering allows you to create a fully interactive and professional virtual event from POSTBAHNHOF.

Get the full benefit of an amazing location combined with quality HD streaming to unlimited guest numbers, an attractive set with dynamic backgrounds and online support.


Set up in studio for clean, dynamic shots to keep your audiences attention.


Our content directors curate the most important images, when to display questions, audience interactions and other media so the speaker can focus on the key topics and making their delivery engaging.


Our directors are also experienced in training speakers to make them more comfortable in front of the camera


We offer you various opportunities to interact with the audience.


We would be happy to set up live chats, live surveys and social media walls for you. 



If a speaker needs the flexibility to work from home, they will receive a package with a configured remote camera in order to get the same picture quality for the attendees as the speakers in the studio.


Attendee Support – Simple processes and live technical support for your guests that they can access the conference if they have a challenge.


Speakers Support – Our technical team will be on hand to tackle any hardware, software or connection issues that a remote speaker might have at home to ensure a smooth and professional production


Sent to attendees homes in advance: Agenda and Event Instructions, Learning material, Interactivity Tools, Lunchbox or networking drinks.

hybrid events

Offering a mix of both physical and online – the future of events.

Travel and meeting restrictions mean that there are new limits to how many guests can attend and from where. Our hybrid solution allows our clients to combine both presential and remote live events.

Full benefits of the online package combined with a small event at POSTBAHNHOF, catered for an exclusive group of live attendees while the rest can dial in remotely.

mobile events

We take the space and the tech to you. Our fully equipped event bus can be used to stream from wherever you like. This option allows our clients to create an online conference or a mini hybrid event, with an outdoor stage practically anywhere.

  • – We provide the equipment and internet connection wherever you need. Your speakers can have the professional quality streaming from a key location of your choice.

  • – Fully customizable vehicle. The location itself becomes a mobile marketing object, as the bus interior and exterior can be customized and branded.

  • – Small outdoor stages can be built using the bus platforms for DJ sets, concerts, etc.

Are you ready for
the future of events?

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