The Tango League is an international street football tournament where teams compete through a combination of football prowess and social clout with teams competing for an adidas boot deal. The german league takes place in major cities throughout Germany with the final taking place in Postbahnhof Berlin.

The goal of the series is to build and nurture a community of adidas advocates in their key global markets. Simulataniously developing credibility with up and coming football influencers is also a core target. 500 young fans were invited to cheer the talented teams on.

A specially built cage was constucted in the Arrival Hall for the players to compete, giving a feeling of gladiators in the colosseum to the 500 young fans who were invited to cheer the talented teams on.

Arrival Hall

    Photography: Michael Romacker
    Event Management
    Event Design and Production
    Event Technic
    Event Catering


    Monday – Friday
    9:00am – 5:30pm
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